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Nobody updates your Joomla! or WordPress website, you did not talk to your web master for the last 3 months....


Be carefull, your website is now a target for all around the world hackers.

Every Joomla! or WordPress update, like any CMS, corrects security failures. Hackers study all updates, trying to figure out where the leaks were. To preserve your wesite integrity, every Joomla! or WordPress update has to be done as soon as it is avalaible.

We propose very attractive price to perform these updates:

  • Joomla! 3.x 3.9.x
  • WordPress 4.9 5.4
  • Joomla! 2.x 3.9.x
  • Joomla! 1.x 3.9.x

from 250,00 € 

from 250,00 € 

from 500,00 € 

from 750,00 € 

Why is it a "from" price ?

From a Joomla 1.x website, we'll take care of Joomla! version update, but, not only. We'll have to update

your template/theme

your extensions/modules/plugins

and don't forget PHP (latest Joomla! / WordPress version requires at least PHP 7.x).

To prevent your website from futur problems, please check our maintenance plan where we keep Joomla!/WordPress updated. This maintenance plan price is 250,00 € per year.

Feel free to contact us.