Favorites Joomla Modules/Plugins

Current modules/plugins/websites developments are based on Joomla! latest available version :

-> 2024/02/20 : Joomla! 5.0.3

The common point is a nice template, working fine and attractive: JoomSpirit_99, 2020 : replaced by  JoomDev's Astroid framework

Of course, it is "responsive" (working fine on PC, tablette, téléphone..).

To answer to all demands, we are using various modules/plugins, all "responsives".

It has been a tough job to find adapted modules/plugins, but, I only used free and well known products. And, when I did not find the correct product, I developed it...(see my modules/plugins page)


See our references :  Favorite weblinks


  • KSecure : Remplaced by CG Secure Component

  • Aesecure : With KSecure, it protects access to your website resources, through .htaccess file,

  • Akeeba LoginGuard : additional login security (2 steps verification)
  • HTTPHeaders : CSP (Content Security Policy) while waiting for official version included in Joomla! 4.0.

Backups: Akeeba Backup.

Not a difficult choice: it's the best, and, using the free version, it's fine for my backups/restores.

My only problem was to find where were my first backup files (default: Administrator/components/com_akeeba/backup) and how to put them in an other directory: Output Directory which is now in [SITETMP].

Editor: JCE.

Joomla! comes with a simple editor: TinyMCE...Using JCE, it's almost a Word-like editor, and you may use awsome formatting for your text, images, links,..

Warning: If JCE display seems to be slow, it may be because of a default parameter. Compress Javascript and Compress CSS must be set to Yes.

It' almost done.

We need to add some more nice functions.

Of course, I use my own modules/plugins: Simple Isotope, CG Gallery, Accordeon, Simple Popup...

This is it! Just have a look at our work on our favorite weblinks.