1980 : computer science specialist, 12 years, including 3 years at Altanta, GA, USA, working with Unisys (former Burroughs) as computer software developer, project leader, pre-sale engineer, on bank softwares, I've been working as Computer Engineer Freelance since 1994


I develop programs on all kind of plate-forms, from mainframes to PC, with all kind of tools: from Cobol to Assembly language, with current tools (VB/SQL/PHP/Joomla/other web tools/...). 

I developped about fifteen professional websites in ASP language. These where realtime websites which kept track of parcels.

I develop software, train users, do technical support, manage projects, do pre-sale missions.

viking 002You'll find me on the french Joomla! forum or US Joomla! forum as pmleconte.

As volunteer, I've been Foyer Rural of Gouzangrez President for 4 years, member of town council (communication), computer/web tutor.