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Compat icon 3 x long first look joomla 4 This module, based on Unite Gallery version 1.7.45, displays images following various modes: tules, grids, caroussel or slider. Samples of each of these modes can be seen later.

Version 2.3.0 (Update : 02/12/2022)

  • + new zoom parameter on grid/slider
  • ^ update/changelog on github
Version 2.2.2 (Update : 08/09/2022)
  • # Error in Unite Gallery minified JS
Version 2.2.1 (Update : 08/09/2022)
  • # force jquery load
Version 2.2.0 (Update : 21/12/2021)
  • # MultiLang : fix image directory
  • + Lightbox : hide left/right button if single image to display
  • - Remove bootstrap call
Version 2.1.0 (Update : 21/12/2021)
  • + Phoca collapse compatibility
Version 2.0.2 (Update : 14/09/2021)
  • # Rename CGHelper class
  • # Various Joomla 4.0 fixes
Version 1.0.1 (September 2017) : rename extension

DownloadCG Gallery module 
(for J 3.10 & J 4.x)

(already downloaded 1578 times)

PHP 74 PHP 80CG Gallery module is to be installed like any Joomla! module.

It has 2 parameters tabs: Display mode tab and Images choice tab.

Note: if you are using "individual image selection", you'll have to check your image selection parameters, as it has been  rewritten in version 1.1.0 of CG Gallery module.


On the main screen module, you may choose the image compression ratio that we'll use during automatic thumbnail creation. With version 1.1.4, compress option has been disabled due to host dependencies. Please use DJ Webp plugin to do the same thing, that' what we do on our pages.

Like any other module, publish it, give it as position and do not forget page assignment.


tuile col

On this tab, you may choose your display mode. Depending on your displau mode choice, different parameters are available. For example, when selecting Tules in Columns mode, number of columns and space length betwwen images will be displayed.

For all modes, you may display image caption and add a link to every image.

Different modes examples.

Tules/Columns mode


Tules/Justified mode

Tules/linked mode


Tules/Grid mode

Slider mode


Grid mode

Caroussel mode

Image choice tab.

You may choose your images in a directory (full or partial directory) or as single image selection (one image at a time).

This is the default mode. Using it, module automatically creates thumbnail images when you click on save button.

choix dir bis

Note: You may choose full directory or select the first images of the directory.

You may use the following variables in the directory choice :  $catid (category id), $catalias (category alias), $articleid (article id), $articlealias (article alias). If directory does not exist, the module creates it. On the first time display of your article/category,  thumbnail images will be automatically created.

desc.txt file allows you, for each image, to define a caption, an internal link to an article, or an external link.

desc.txt structure

<image name>|<caption>|<optional link>

If Image name field contains *, for each image without record in the desc.txt file, caption and link will be used as default.

In our samples, desc.txt file is:

*|default message
sound_cloud.jpg|this is a caption|26
tile5.jpg|Lets go and see|//




choix indiv

Select your image (thumbnail image is to be created at save time).

You may add a caption (enter it after "caption") and a link with an article (click on Article ID).

It is possible to re-order images, add images, delete images:

choix indiv3