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[up-5ecb7e6549fdf box] UP does not recognize this option : box-class=w12
[up-5ecb7e6549fdf box] plugins/content/up/actions/box/model/informations.css : file not found by load_file
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box : model [note, info, ...] or prefset
template = ##head## ##title-link## ##subtitle## ##image## ##/head## ##content## ##action-link## : format string with keywords : ##title##, ##subtitle##, ##content##, ...
multibox = 3-2-1 : number of blocks on the same line (desktop-tablet-mobile)
multibox-class = fg-vspace-between-1 : class(es) for the external block
multibox-style : CSS style for the external block
class : class(es) for the box
style : inline style for the box
title (titre) : title. If empty and requested: we take the first hx of the content
title-tag = h4 : title tag
title-class : class user for title
title-style : inline style for title
title-link-class : class user for title with link
title-link-style : inline style for title with link
subtitle : subtitle
subtitle-tag = h5 : subtitle tag
subtitle-class : class user for subtitle
subtitle-style : inline style for subtitle
subtitle-link-class : class user for subtitle with link
subtitle-link-style : inline style for subtitle with link
image : image. If empty and requested: we take the first image of the content
image-alt : alternative text for the image. By default, the humanized name of the file
image-class : class user for image
image-style : inline style for image
image-link-class : class user for image with link
image-link-style : inline style for image with link
action : text of the action button
action-tag = div : divform of the action button
action-class : class user for action
action-style : inline style for action
action-link-class : class user for action with link
action-link-style : inline style for action with link
link : If empty and requested: we take the first link on title or image
link-target : _blank for new window
head-class : class for the header block. usually title, subtitle, image
head-style : style for the header block
body-class : class for the block. generally happy and active
body-style : style for the block. generally happy and active
css-head (base-css) : CSS style inserted in the HEAD
align-vertical = fg-vspace-between-1 : fg-vspace-between-1type of vertical distribution in multiboxcss-head=

Simple Popup module

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User Rating: 5 / 5

Compat icon 3 x longfirst look joomla 4This very simple module, using  Velocity version 1.5.0 , displays a popup message at a fixed position of your screen. It respects Content Security Policy.


CGPopup Package Download
(version 1.1.11)

(already downloaded 1583 times)


This module is displayed at a fixed position choosed between top, center, bottom,left and right. It is strongly recommanded to set it up in your template debug position.

Careful: when you select your template position, please check that it is not hidden by a "upper module" (using a higher z-index value). For example, I had to put top module in Logo position. Bottom module is in Debug position.

You may use "Close" button to let users closing your popup. If so, your popup will stay hidden for a month. User choice is stored in a cookie.

If you wish to display a new message, enter today's date in "Display Date": this will suppress your cookie and so display your popup again.

With version 1.0.6, if title button parameter is set to yes, a button containing your module title is displayed in place of your popup if it is hidden. Clicking on this button will display your popup again.

New parameter Cookie Duration (version 1.0.7) is set to 0 for demo purpose.

Like any module, you may enter a starting or a finish date.

Version 1.0.11 is now using content plugins. In my example, I used UP plugin from our friend Lomart with the following content (it may be seen using any non WYSISWYG editor).

{up box=Attention | modele=danger | box-class=w12} <i class="fa fa-bullhorn" style="font-size:3em";></i> &nbsp;Let's try it using  <a href="https://up.lomart.fr/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">UP content plugin</a>, so we may display anything we want ...{/up box}