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Compat icon 3 x longThis module, based on isotope library ( displays/sorts/filters weblinks/articles/K2 using categories, tags and fields. It respects Content-Security-Policy.

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(version 1.6.14)

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PHP 72Just install this Simple Isotope module like any other Joomla! module. It also exists as a component : CG Isotope Component.

To respect Content Security Policy (CSP), there is no inline CSS/JS anymore. To do so, we had to use Joomla! addScriptOptions which is only available after Joomla! version 3.7.x.

Attention : If you are using Articles Pagination, there is a bug in Joomla core, so an 404 error is displayed when switching pages. To fix this, download Content Page Break Isotope plugin, enable it and disable core plugin "Content - Page Break".

From Loic (alias Lomart) idea, version 1.6.4 introduces 2 new tags : {new} and {subtitle}. To use {subtile} tag, just insert ~ (tilde) in your article's title : this will split it in 2 parts that you may display using {title} and {subtitle} tags. {new} tag just displays a "new" badge. 

Menu Joomla! Modules/Plugins is an example of how to use this module.

It displays either articles or weblinks.

Version 1.0.50 introduces "display customization", and version 1.6.0 "sections order/width".