Simple Accordion

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first look joomla 4This plugin shows/hides parts of your articles, using accordion show/hide method.


version 1.1.0 (2019 February) CSP compliance
version 1.0.14 (2018 january): new parameter: shortcode
version 1.0.13 (2017 August) : secondary update server
version 1.0.12 (2017 april): correct php warnings
version 1.0.9 (2016 december): add |open after title to open accordion as default behaviour.

download plugin plg_simple_accordeon (version 1.1.0)

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This plugin is very easy to use.

In your article, just add  {accordeon=<title>} and {/accordeon} around the parts that you want to hide/show.

Just 3 parameters: button color, button color when button is selected, text color.



Don't forget to enable this plugin.