CG Gallery Component

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Compat icon 3 x longfirst look joomla 4CG Gallery component is based on Unite Gallery library version 1.7.45. It displays your images in diffrent modes: tules, gris, caroussel or slider. It has only a small number of parameters.

Version 1.0.6 (2019 August) : K2 support
Version 1.0.5 (2019 July) : Grid: add some options
Version 1.0.4 (2019 January) : hide not required buttons
Version 1.0.3 (2018 December) : CSP compliance
Version 1.0.2 (2018 December) : 1st version

Download CG Gallery component
(version 1.0.6)

(already downloaded 113 times)

Simple Unite Gallery examples filesto copy in your image directory.

CG Gallery component is to be installed like any other Joomla! component.

It also exists  under a module form : CG Gallery module.


Mode Tuiles/Grille

Other examples