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first look joomla 4This plugin allows you to override components form behaviour on frontend.

Version 1.0.3 : update server fix
Version 1.0.2 : suppress notice
Version 1.0.1 : compatibility Joomla 4.0
Version 1.0.0 : first version.

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To override Joomla! components forms, you have to use onAfterRoute event. This plugin allows any composant form override. 

For Joomla 3, just copy component form xml from: components/<component name>/models/forms

For Joomla 4, just copy component form xml from: components/<component name>/forms

to your template directory : templates/<template name>/forms/<component name>

For example, in the case of Joomla 3 weblinks component, it will be usefull to override the standard form, so it will be possible to display/update weblink introduction image.

To do this, you need to override components/com_weblinks/models/forms/weblink.xml  by copying it in templates/<template name>/forms/com_weblinks.

Note: if you override com_weblinks form, do not forget to override the php file which handels the form : edit.php to copy from components\com_weblinks\views\form to templates\<yourtemplate>\html\com_weblinks\form.

Just enter your component.


Weblink override example can be downloaded here : 

and just copy it to your template directory.


Do not forget to activate this plugin.