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Compat icon 3 x longThis module, based on isotope library ( displays/sorts/filters weblinks/articles/K2 using categories, tags and fields. It respects Content-Security-Policy.

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PHP 72Just install this Simple Isotope module like any other Joomla! module. It also exists as a component : CG Isotope Component.

To respect Content Security Policy (CSP), there is no inline CSS/JS anymore. To do so, we had to use Joomla! addScriptOptions which is only available after Joomla! version 3.7.x.

Attention : If you are using Articles Pagination, there is a bug in Joomla core, so an 404 error is displayed when switching pages. To fix this, download Content Page Break Isotope plugin, enable it and disable core plugin "Content - Page Break".

From Loic (alias Lomart) idea, version 1.6.4 introduces 2 new tags : {new} and {subtitle}. To use {subtile} tag, just insert ~ (tilde) in your article's title : this will split it in 2 parts that you may display using {title} and {subtitle} tags. {new} tag just displays a "new" badge. 

Version 1.10.0 introduces Ajax and Iframe choice in Readmore parameter. This will display your article on the current page. The choice between Ajax and Iframe depends on your article. If it contains some plugins, Ajax is recommanded. If it contains some template custom CSS codes, Iframe should be used.

Version 1.10.5 introduces a session cookie that stores your latest request. So, when Isotope Component is displayed again, it will be shown using your latest request, as long as you keep your internet explorer opened (session cookie).

Menu Joomla! Modules/Plugins is an example of how to use this module.

It displays either articles or weblinks.

Version 1.0.50 introduces "display customization", and version 1.6.0 "sections order/width".