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Compat icon 3 x longThis module, based on isotope library ( displays/sorts/filters weblinks/articles/K2 using categories, tags and fields. It respects Content-Security-Policy.

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PHP 74 PHP 80Just install this Simple Isotope module like any other Joomla! module. It also exists as a component : CG Isotope Component.

To respect Content Security Policy (CSP), there is no inline CSS/JS anymore. To do so, we had to use Joomla! addScriptOptions which is only available after Joomla! version 3.7.x.

With your help, Isotope component is being improved, new features are implemented.

From Simon's idea, version 2.0.3 introduces alphabetical index filtering. You may see this on Joomla! extensions page.

Version 1.19.7
introduces a new sort button : blog order. 

With version 1.19.5, new features from CG Isotope components have been implemented : custom field per field id, fields links (take a look at our demo), Fields+Tags filter, new dates parameters, ...

With Version 1.17.1, 2 new features have been implemented : use Field/tag/category notes to display filter button's tooltips (Loïc's suggestion) and add exclusive list for fields display (as suggested by Martin). Check our demo page.

Version 1.15.0 introduces random sort display as suggested by André and hide continuation characters (...) when articles are longer than choosen maximum article size (Marc's request).

From Justus idea, version 1.3.0 introduces range slider on custom fields. During tests, we found a bug in content's plugin. You may see the result at Justus website :

Note : Range Slider is a pure JS project from Slawomir Zaziablo.