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Compat icon 3 x longfirst look joomla 4BirthDay plugin shows a popup window when it's loggued in user birthday. It may also display other users today's birthday. This plugin uses Velocity version 1.5.0 and LiMarquee (from , a fork of  'marquee' event).


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BirthDay plugin is a system plugin.bday plugin gb

It uses  user profile birthday information. The popup window is displayed in one of 9 predefined positons, mix from  top, bottom, center, left, right. 

"Close" button close the popup window. User choice is stored in a cookie, so, the popup will not be displayed again during the day on the current explorer.

If "Title button" is set, a button will be displayed in place of the popup window. By clicking on this button, the popup window will be displayed again.

Introduce with version 1.0.6, you may choose either to display the popup with current user message, or with a list of all users whom it's birthday.

With version 1.0.10, you may select one ou more user groups and you may select if you wish to display messages only to current user group or to all groups.

Version 1.0.6, also introduces a 2 parts parameter (in 2 differents editors):

- user information (from name, email, age,...) with text, html tags,
- full popup content (users list will be added anywhere using {users} tag).

Note: if you wish to display today's birthdays and if there are more than one birthday, user list will be display in a scrolling window (bottom to top or right to left).

With version 1.0.2test mode displays your popup window without any user and date checking. In test mode, with version 1.0.8, if you use multilingual association in your menu, popup will be displayed whatever your language is.