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Compat icon 3 x longThis very simple module displays your articles over fixed background images (one image per article), also called "Parallax Effect".


Download CG Parallax module
(version 2.0.3)

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PHP 72CG Parallax module display mulitple articles on one single page, each article with a different fixed background image, when it is possible to scroll through your article. "Article+image" is called section. Every section may be directly accessed using module's menu.

To see CG Parallax module in action, please proceed to our demonstration page.

CG Parallax module may be esasily customized as all displayed fields may be updated through CSS code.

You may also customize every individual section through CSS code.

As explained earlier, one section is one background image plus one article.

 Be carefull about your background image sizes.

Article may be choosen from articles'list or may be entered through module's editor.

Every section has a title, this title being displayed in module's menu.

Version 1.0.4 introduces Menu items from main menu, bottom menu, ... to your module's menu.

With version 1.0.10, we added Vegas Backgrounds and Slideshows library to have multiple background images with KenBurns effect.