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Compat icon 3 x long first look joomla 4 This module, based on Unite Gallery version 1.7.45, displays images following various modes: tules, grids, caroussel or slider. Samples of each of these modes can be seen later.

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CG Gallery Samples
to copy in your images directory

PHP 74 PHP 80CG Gallery module is to be installed like any Joomla! module.

It has 2 parameters tabs: Display mode tab and Images choice tab.

Note: if you are using "individual image selection", you'll have to check your image selection parameters, as it has been  rewritten in version 1.1.0 of CG Gallery module.


Different modes examples.

Tules/Columns mode


Tules/Justified mode

Tules/linked mode


Tules/Grid mode

Slider mode


Grid mode

Caroussel mode

Image choice tab.

You may choose your images in a directory (full or partial directory) or as single image selection (one image at a time).