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Compat icon 3 x longfirst look joomla 4CG Flip module, easy to use, displays your JPG images, articles, events as a FlipBook. CF Flip module uses TurnJS library 5.0. It respects Content Security Policy (CSP).


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PHP 80CG Flip module display JPG files, articles, events as a flipbook.

If you need to display PDF files as flipbook, TurnJS library has been implemented in UP plugin, in its pdf action. Just have a look at its demo.

Note: CG Flip works on all kind of screens.

Check out Demo page.

To create "Articles" demo, first, I created a introduction page, then, I displayed my developments category. Version 1.2.7 introduces Table of contents display (new {summary} tag) , replacing help menu when displaying Articles.

With version 1.2.11, you may display multiple category's items per page on one or more columns.

To create "Image" demo,  I took a pdf file and splitted it in multiple JPG files, using online tool pdf2jpg.

Be careful about JPG files size.

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